Tuesday November 19th. 2019 Great Priory of Malta, London
Friday 13th December 2019 Malta Degree Ceremony, Diss
Saturday February 22nd. 2020 Provincial Meeting Bury St. Edmunds
Tuesday April 23rd. 2019 Dunwich Priory of Malta No. 538
Friday May 10th. 2019 Walter Short K.T. No. 451 Exec.only
Thursday July 18th. 2019 Isle of Ely K.T. No. 677 10th. Birthday
Wednesday May 20th. 2020 Great Priory London
Saturday July 18th. 2020 Banquet, Clare College, Cambridge
Sunday September 27th. 2020 Church Service, Wymondham
Tuesday November 17th. 2020 Great Priory of Malta, London