Ninety three Brother Knights assembled at Freemasons’ Hall, Cambridge, to welcome the M.E. & Supreme Grand Master, Paul Raymond Clement, on his first official visit to the Province of East Anglia, and what a meeting it turned out to be.

The E. Preceptor David Kirkham, discharged his duties in an admirable fashion, by welcoming the Provincial Prior and 21 of his Provincial Officers, he then offered the Provincial Prior the baton, which was accepted on this occasion. There was then a report and the Great Marshal V.E. Kt. Tim Wheeler requested permission to enter, stating that the M.E. & Supreme Grand Master was outside and demanded admission. After forming a deputation consisting of the Marshal & Deputy Marshal and V.E. Kt. R.W. Riches and E. Kts. J. Rowell, C. Birkbeck & M.C. Brown, the Grand Master entered and was offered the baton which he accepted and after the customary salutes the Grand Master asked that the E. Preceptor should return to his rightful place.

We were then treated to an excellent rendition of the work of installing as Brother Knights of the Order, Companions David Goode and Kevin Sykes, by the E. Preceptor, ably assisted by E. Kts. Stephen Mann & John Brady, with the Symbols being recited in a faultless manner by Kt. Ed Williams.

The M.E. & Supreme Grand Master then gave the highest honour to both candidates, by performing the accolade in a delightful manner, which we all now was appreciated by Knights David and Kevin.

The M.E. & Supreme Grand Master then gave a potted history of the Masonic Life of Major Derek Baldry, and then asked for him to be brought forward, whilst the Deputy Vice Chancellor V.E. Kt. Jon Roberts read the sixty year certificate to V.E. Kt. Derek, and after presenting it to Derek he promoted him with a field appointment to the rank of Past 1st. Constable, which was greeted with a round of applause.

After the meeting, the Brother Knights retired to the bar for welcome refreshment and a superb meal, served by the catering staff at Freemasons’ Hall, and to a man, everyone who were privileged to have been there, said what a superb night it had been.

Stewart C.L. Middleton
Provincial Prior