The Province of East Anglia had a most enjoyable day at Great Priory at Great Queen Street, London, where we witnessed E. Knights M. Charles Brown appointed to the past rank of Great Baillie, and Roger Hack to the past rank of Great Turcopolier, and E. Knights Dr. John Elmore and Paul Norman promoted to the past rank of Great 1st. Lieutentant and Richard Hawes to the past rank of Great Conservator, and all these appointments and promotions have been thoroughly earned and deserved and the whole Province offers them our sincerest congratulations.

The whole day was made even more special by the M.E. & Supreme Grand Masters son, Lewis Clement, being admitted as a Knight of Malta, in a faultless ceremony, performed by the Great Prior of Malta, Jonathan Whitaker, much to the satisfaction of all the Brother Knights who were privileged to have been there.