Royal Cambridge Hotel, Trumpington Street, Cambridge., Saturday 25th. November 2017

I am pleased to report that another very successful Banquet has been completed under the watchful eyes of Eminent Knights Stephen Mann, Mike Smith and Roger Dor, much to the satisfaction of the Provincial Prior and his wife Sally, as well as the one hundred and fifteen Brother Knights and their friends and families, all of whom appeared to have had a wonderful time, emanating from the enjoyment coming from the tables.

We were entertained during the meal by a delightful group called, ‘Vocally Vintage,’ who played during the meal with a few breaks and at such a volume that did not spoil the conversation at the round tables.

The customary toasts were made during the after proceedings, with Eminent Knight Ian Dupont proposing the toast to The Provincial Prior, saying that it would have to be shorter than intended, as he had left the long speech on the kitchen table, which was greeted with a loud cheer.

Presentations were then made to Priscilla Mann, Susan Dor and Mike Smith for their help in organising the event, as well as Janet Covell the widow of former member, Phillip, and Eileen Middleton whose special birthday it was on the Sunday.

The organising committee then presented Sally with a wonderful arrangement of flowers, which has taken pride of place in our dining room, as well as a bottle of the Provincial Priors’ favourite drink, which was thankfully received and will be faithfully applied!!

The evening finished with some good old fashioned East Anglia humour, from Stephen Bayfield, who did not lose the opportunity of involving the Provincial Prior the Sub Prior and one or two more in the room, which was enjoyed by the rest of those present.

I can not better sum up the whole evening, by saying that no one wished for the evening to finish, as no one seemed to be in a hurry to go to bed, and that marked another wonderful occasion.

The 8th. Anniversary Banquet will be held on Saturday 24th. November 2018, at a venue to be decided; which will be somewhere in Norfolk.

Stewart C.L. Middleton
Provincial Prior