There were twenty Brother Knights who accompanied the Provincial Prior to Great Queen Street London, to witness the M.E. & Supreme Grand Master invest the following Brother Knights, from East Anglia to the honours and dignity of a Great Officer.

First Appointment:

Mac D. Speake, Martyn Preceptory No. 544, Past Great A. de C

Robin Shaw, Beeston Regis Preceptory No. 677, Past Great Chamberlain

David Walker, Walsingham Preceptory No. 497,Past Great Chamberlain


Roger A.W. Farley, Peter Cannon Meridian No. 692, Past Great Herald

Raymond A. Briggs, Cabbell Preceptory No 69, P. Great. St. B. (VB)


There were 18 Brother Knights who enjoyed dinner together, on two tables at the Connaught Rooms, which enabled the Provincial Prior to enjoy the company of all the Knights who accompanied him, and by changing places with the Provincial Vice Chancellor, he was able to converse with them all, and he hopes for our Malta meeting on Tuesday 20th. November 2018 we will be able to have three tables, which would be a wonderful first for the Province of East Anglia.

Stewart C.L. Middleton

Provincial Prior
East Anglia