30.06 1868 – 30.6.2018

90 Brother Knights helped Tancred Preceptory celebrate their sesqui-centennial, at Bateman Street, Cambridge in the presence of the, M.E. & Supreme Grand Master, Paul Raymond Clement G.C.T.

On a beautiful, hot summer day the Brother Knights assembled in the cool, air conditioned Lodge Room to witness Tancred Preceptory celebrate their 150 years of existence.

E. Knight David Bowman opened the Preceptory, and after a report the R.E. Knight Stewart Middleton, the Provincial Prior was welcomed into the Preceptory and was offered the seat which he accepted, there was then another report, and V.E. Knight Tim Wheeler, the Great Marshal entered saying that the M.E. & Supreme Grand Master Paul Raymond Clement was outside and demanded admission and the Provincial Prior asked that a deputation should be formed and after welcoming him he was saluted in the customary manner.

The Provincial Prior then presented the sesqui-centennial sword to the Preceptory, which will be mounted on a new honours board, on which the names of all the Past Preceptors will be placed, after accepting the sword the Preceptor took his seat once more and proceeded to Install Comp. Nicholas Self, the E. Preceptor was assisted by E. Knights Rob Spring, David Abbott and Knight David Wharton. The M.E. & Supreme Grand Master gave the accolade and explained the sign, word and the regalia of the Order.

The E.P. then offered the chair to the M.E. & Supreme Grand Master, who on this occasion accepted and he explained the Great Priory certificate to Knight Stuart Smith saying, it was the first he had presented, carrying his own arms.

He then requested the acting vice-chancellor E. Knight Dan Heath to read the sesqui-centennial warrant of confirmation, with the Brother Knights of Tancred Preceptory placed around the Sepulchre. The Warrant was then presented to the E. Preceptor, who accepted it on behalf of all the Knights of Tancred Preceptory.

E. Knight Terry Lewis then gave a full and comprehensive history of the Preceptory, giving a frank insight into their ups and downs over the last 150 years.

A delightful Oration was given by V.E. Knight Dr. John A. Elmore, covering what the last 150 years had meant to the Brother Knights, and what they had all achieved over that period, sometimes in not the most pleasant of circumstances.

Before retiring from the Preceptory the M.E. & Supreme Grand Master had another surprise, as he asked the Great Marshal, to present E. Knight Terry Lewis to him, he then gave him a Field appointment, promoting him to P. Gt. Herald, this brought warm applause to the assembled company. This promotion was for all the hard work that Terry had not only put in for the Preceptory, the Province but for the Order in general.

The Brother Knights then retired for a champagne reception and a superb five course meal accompanied by appropriate wines for each course, and all who were present said what an excellent day it had been.

Stewart C.L. Middleton
Provincial Prior for East Anglia