The R.E. Knight Stewart Middleton, Provincial Prior and the V.E. Knight Bill Hagger, the Sub Prior, accompanied by 27 of their Provincial Officers, attended the Installation meeting of the Isle of Ely Preceptory No. 677 on 19 July 2018.

On a hot summer evening, around 75 Brother Knights assembled at the Masonic Hall, Ely to see E. Knight John Jones preside over an excellent Preceptory, by Installing as a Brother Knight Christopher Sennitt in excellent fashion, he was ably assisted by E. Knights Bobby Brown, Ian Hardman and Richard Hough, and Bro. Knights Nicholas Howard, David Lee, Michael Richardson and Ian Hill who all performed their duties in an admiral way.

He then welcomed into the Preceptory, as a joining member, Brother Knight David Goode, who was presented with the Statutes, By Laws and a Year Book, he then took his seat in the Preceptory.

E. Knight John Jones then proceeded to Install Stephen Teverson as Preceptor of the Isle of Ely Preceptory, in a 'little and large' situation, with the former being of a quiet disposition and the latter being of a more loud nature, using many words that the assembled company could not understand, but at least no one would go to sleep when he was delivering his ritual! E. Knight Stephen then Appointed and Installed his Officers in his own inimitable style, much to the amusement of all who were present, and were convinced that the Preceptory was in for another great year.

The Brother Knights then sat down for a delightful meal, so ably served by the ladies at the Masonic Hall, Ely, and after the customary toasts were taken, the Brother Knights left in a state of perfect harmony, and I even arrived home the same day that I left, a rare event after these types of visits.

Stewart C.L. Middleton
Provincial Prior.
East Anglia