The Provincial Prior, accompanied by the Sub Prior V.E. Knight Bill Hagger, and a number of the Provincial Officers made a visit to the above Preceptory at Fakenham, where they witnessed a delightful ceremony, performed by the E. Preceptor E. Knight Robin Guy, ably assisted by E. Knights Ian Dupont, David Hedges and Knight David Pope.

The new Knight David Swift was welcomed into the Order by his Brother-in-Law, Knight Martin Mathews, in a manner; according to David; similar to the last forty three times he had proposed his toast!

This meeting was rather special, as the Provincial Prior dedicated a new Bible that had been presented by Knight Ralph Buckley, as the last Bible had been taken back by a former member.

As the Provincial Prior was still in the chair, he asked the Provincial Marshal, E. Knight Robin Shaw to bring to him his Sub Prior, and after a moment had passed, whilst the Sub Prior had got over the shock, the Provincial Prior presented his Sub Prior with a new regular sized baton, which he received with many thanks.

The Provincial Prior then presented the E. Preceptor with a certificate from the St. John Eye Hospital, for the donation that had been sent on behalf of the Preceptory.

All through these presentations the Brother Knights had to listened to the melodic tones of the burglar alarm, as it was several minutes before they could locate the code to turn it off, which they eventually did, to loud cheers from the Brother Knights.

The meal as usual was an excellent affair, which all the Brother Knights who remained thoroughly enjoyed - and a special thanks to E. Knight Ted Vallance who provided the bar.

Stewart C.L. Middleton
Provincial Prior