The Province of East Anglia enjoyed a Provincial visit to Dunwich Priory No. 538 at Southwold, onTuesday 23rd.April 2019, to witness the Installation of four Brother Knights plus the Installation of a new Prior.

Starting at the earlier time of 5.30 p.m. the Priory was opened by the E. Prior E. Knight Brian Caton and his Officers, the Provincial Mareschal E. Knight Robin Shaw then announced that the Provincial Prior was outside and demanded admission, and an escort of active Provincial and Grand Officers was formed and the Provincial Prior preceded by the Sword Bearer entered the Priory followed by the Banner Bearer, after being offered the baton of the Priory, which the Provincial Prior graciously refused; the Brother Knights were then requested to be seated.

The minutes we then confirmed and signed, and a letter was read from the Sub Prior V.E. Knight William Hagger, saying how much he had enjoyed the last meeting.

There were two Officers who had not been present at the last meeting and Knights Barry Spall and Robert Champkin were duly invested, Chris Golding was still unavailable.

The E. Prior then invested Knights Alan Barrett, Henry Ferris from Dunwich Preceptory and Knights Murry Phillips and Adrian Dyer from Preceptory of St. John No. 418, assisted by many of the Brother Knights present, in a delightful manner.

The E. Prior then Installed into the chair, E. Knight Chris Dearing, who after reciting his obligation, as he had been Installed on a previous occasion, he was then reminded of the secrets appertaining to the chair.

The new E.P. then Installed those Officers present in a most competent and friendly manner, reminding them all that they would all have a most enjoyable year.

The V.E. Knight William Hagger, Sub Prior and Prior of Malta, then presented Malta certificates to Knights, James Burvill, Tom Blackett, Robert Champkin and Barry Spall in a delightful and informative manner, he then asked the Provincial Prior to present them formally to each of the recipients.

The Priory then had to elect a Prior and Treasurer for the forthcoming year and as the Capt. General was not qualified to go forward E. Knight Chris Dearing had agreed to a further year as E. Prior and as there were no other nominations he was declared elected, and E. Knight Nigel Gibson was the only nomination for Treasurer, he was declared duily elected.

A collection was taken during the singing of the closing Hymn, and the Provincial Prior with his escort retired from the Priory under the direction of the Provincial Mareschal.

The Brother Knights then retired to the Randolph Hotel, Reyden, where a delightful meal of Pork Chop with all the trimmings had been prepared, together with a dessert or cheese and biscuits, and from the noise emanating from the tables was enjoyed by all who were privileged to have been present.

Stewart C.L. Middleton
Provincial Prior